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Subsidy for the UK rail industry
How important were the Parliamentary Acts in the building of railways?
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Just asking: Mode of transport theft
Mark II coaching stock
The British state has never been very good at interfering in the railways
Why I think road pricing would benefit the least well off
The way to deal with congestion
High speed railways are no fun
Why I am not that worried about the absence of high-speed lines in the UK
Should trains carry bikes?
Punctuality in the UK
The UK rail problem
What Alistair Darling should have said
More bus ticket rip-offs in London
So, what do you think about the White Paper?
He who owns the road is the state, or is he?
John Hibbs and bus deregulation
In a world of privatised roads, the road owners will run the buses
So, you want to do something about buses, eh?
Do we talk about Modern Railways on Transport Blog?
Broken machines, broken systems
Stand and deliver
Britain's private road network
London Buses messes up a change in ticketing.
Could (and should) "rights" be auctioned off?
Buses, taxis and tarmac – London in the age of the Congestion Charge
The river boats of London
Connecting on the move
Scooters and angst on the streets of Italy
Another giant leap for SpaceShipOne
The story of how discount airlines have finally arrived in Australia, although imperfectly and late.
Why don't fragmented railways work? - A conjecture
The cost of rolling stock
Railways came out of the mines
Please don't let this be true - Government fudges rail review
The mystery of Selhurst
Shrewsbury station
A short note on comments
What is overcrowding?
Expanding capacity, stretching credulity
Last night's Top Gear - what did you think?
Clarkson's £100 Transport Challenge
A couple of new writers
Vertical fragmentation of the railways doesn't work
The Ever-Elusive Perfectly Timed Journey
Why I find it difficult to comment on the government's speed fine proposals
Whether frequency, speed, or something else is important depends upon the circumstances.
Clarkson’s Great Race – and why frequency is often more important than speed
The oddities of satellite navigation systems
How not to name a transport company.
How to drive when you have passengers
Plane and Car v The Train
Superconductive Maglev!
Shanghai Maglev!
Railways need density
Why doesn’t Los Angeles have much of a metro?
Profit is a pretty good indicator of whether something is worth doing or not
Los Angeles is not as densely populated as New York but it’s a pretty close run thing
Why free markets tend to produce good results
All buses are not the same
Misuses of the English Language #3: Sprawl
Introducing Bloglines
Presidential Travels
How earthquakes do kinky things to railways
Getting around, the Chinese way. Part I: How to drive.
How much better might laissez faire have done?
The "hold out" problem. A possible solution using the very minimum amount of force possible
From now on Wagon Wheels will mean square wheels
The nuclear option when negotiating the price of new infrastructure
The trouble with buses
Why car seats should not be compulsory up to the age of 11
Safety is dangerous
Scottish taxi drivers not as laissez-faire as once thought
The "state must fund rail because otherwise the roads would be clogged" fallacy
The way underground stations ought to be
Joyce's World of Transport Eclectica
The West Coast fiasco
Upholstered seats in the UK. Why?
A historic building
Trans-atlantic transport blogger meet up
Why the claim that rail re-integration would damage cross-country businesses should be ignored
Lost and found – but not yet back in my possession
Transport Blog not-properly-thought-through theory of the day
Christian Wolmar has a website
Of place mats, privatisation and possibilities
Is British first class the best in the world?
Change to comments
Keele University Libertarians
They are here
Trains can't stop - or can they?
Angle Grinder Man is …
Do we talk about terrorism and security on Transport Blog?
Transport Blog is …
Entirely gratuitous train pic
New trams – pretty in Nottingham – losing money in Croydon
Comparative safety statistics
Successful appeals against London congestion charge penalty notices
London is doomed … doomed …
Transport Blog Quote of the Day
How did they do rail maintenance in the past?
Safety is not the only thing
The Congestion Charge: success or failure?
A beano
Do facts matter in political arguments?
Why people need to see what they expect to see.
Peter Gordon's Blog
Our Railway companies are so on the ball
Fact fights are pointless
When staying put means you don't learn
Adventures in Transitland
Ryanair and Charleroi
Why are Japanese trains so overcrowded?
Train enquiry jobs go to India
TV Alert - Ultimate Trains
Transport – how they used to do it
Waterloo Station 29 January 2004
Fourteen of the worst
The hockey-stick model of state intervention
So, how are things going in Japan?
Transport to the Rugby World Cup
Attacked in the street? Don't call a cop. Call a cab.
Why I have nothing to say about Alistair Darling’s announcement
In Brief
Driving a car does not make you a libertarian. Taking the train does not make you a socialist
Trains are for cattle
Long name for a railway station (and for a website)
A minister talks sense
Slow posting
Don't give this man a job
Carblogging and bridge spotting
It all makes sense now.
Mornington Crescent - Update
London’s new runways
Jennings on airline regulation at Samizdata – and a prophetic link
International aviation rights and non-free markets
The spirit of Kittyhawk
The Wright Brothers and the secret of active control systems
The cost of tarmac
Fun with stats (and the M6 Toll)
Financing transit systems through value capture: an annotated bibliography by Jeffery J. Smith and Thomas A. Gihring
News Round up 14/06/03
Tories: we were wrong on rail
Transport Blog Quote of the Day
Sean Gabb on drink driving
Speed cameras - let's privatise them
Dave Barry is completely wrong about the Nap-Strap Airline Passenger Head-Restraint Device – it's a really good idea
Ryanair boobs
Mornington Crescent
What do you have to do to get noticed in this country?
Ways of making your train journey ever, ever so slightly less dull
News Round up 6/12/03
Acela – a line of places like no other?
Tube workers sacked over alcohol find in staff room
It's not the speed cameras that are to blame - it's the law
David Carr on mobile phones in cars on the Jeremy Vine show
A year in the life of Transport Blog
Conference: Reform and Privatisation of Russian Railways
Megabus versus EasyBus
The dark side of Segways
Andy Duncan on Jeremy Clarkson
New rail speed world record
Big wheel keep on turning
Join the Metro Light Rail Deathwatch contest
Book review review: Pains on Trains, Andrew Holmes and Matthew Reeves
Infrastructure in a world where everyone's rights matter
LRT on British Rail privatisation
Part of the price of airplane security
Curb rights
EasyJet 'set to overtake BA'
Trains getting better shock
On positive externalities
Why did the Titanic sink?
Transport Blog soundbites
Doubledecker ski lift
A motorbike sidecar to die for
Automotive excellence on celluloid
Ryanair loses its subsidies
New Category page
Dare we think it? Could things actually be getting better?
The way we think about transport
TOLLROADSnews is also the real deal
Live from the Third Rail is the real deal
British Rail Privatisation defended
This must never ever be allowed to happen again
Keep those buses rolling.
Bus v Tram in Ottawa
Steam locomotive 354.1217...
A warm welcome to...
Brian's Culture Blog turns into Transport Blog
Leaves action pays off
A proposed elevated nature walk in New York
Tilting trains barely faster
480mph Maestro please!
The right to decline
Liar liar cheaper car insurance
A pearl in this Oyster?
Dealing with bus yobs in the olden days
Which country has the best transport system in the world?
A stupid question?
Targeting individual polluters
Congestion Charging 6 Months On
Farewells to Concorde
Network Rail takes repairs in-house
Boeing phases out the 757
The revolution's here
Proof from Sweden that there is more to transport than trains, planes and automobiles
Solent on Livingstone on PPP
Behind the scenes
Aircraft safety over the years
Objections to HOT Lanes
Another London Underground derailment
Some howlers in the Sunday Times
End of Concorde Watch - Part I
Gray Davis re-election poster...
London Underground train derailment
Rail Regulator calls for extra cash
German Railways
The House of Commons Transport Select Committee - Seventh Report - Overcrowding
How and how not to get transport running like clockwork
A couple more things to read
Bus or Train - which is best?
Well, it works in Japan
Rapid transit in Cambridgeshire
A motorbike with 48 cylinders and a 4200cc engine
The ASI's dilemma
Tonight, 8pm Channel Four
Compulsory Purchase in Japan
Railway competition in Nagoya
Bump and (angle) grind
If you read no other article on British railways then read this one
ASI aviation power breakfast
Sign of the times
Number of cars set to triple as global love affair continues apace
Why do foreigners drive on the wrong side of the road?
The Trans-continental
There's no more money
Should Network Rail be split up?
A Minister says something interesting
Railways special in the Telegraph
Why Edinburgh's road pricing scheme may not work
Adelaide to Darwin Railway (finally) built
Road railers
Just hold it right there, Anglegrinderman!
The Concorde Story - Channel 5
So, how good was the railway a 100 years ago?
Why can't anybody make any money out of transport?
Correction - Crossrail
Heh, heh
And here's another misguided piece of transport inventiveness
How not to argue against safety fascism
Eye on what ball?
Is this a baggage delay or what?
Silverlink withdraws trains
The top 5 causes of train delays
The European Space Agency is watching your car
A really confusing hoezo rotonde
Cargo class
Flexible work practices
Harare blues
High speed amphibian
In the news
Fossil fuels?
Congestion charge confusion
Transport as sport
The London blackout
Transport in art
Congestion Charge being discussed in Sydney
Wi not Wi-Fi on Trains?
Compulsory Purchase VII
Virus stuffs CSX
Jitneys to return
Adrian Vaughan replies
A real person writes
Transport goals dropped
Welcome to Commuterland
Train misses stops
Cured of Eurostar
Drug related parking
Congestion charge doomed?
Climate change threatens Britain's crumbling transport system
Segway disappoints
Chuffed to bits
Nakedness and drugs as solutions to air travel problems
Will trains ever get any better - a response Part I
Will trains ever get very much better?
The HSE's at it again
British railways are hell
Heatwave slows down trains
Better than bringing back Beeching
No Alice Thomas - the problem is they don't know what to do
Jitneys in Siberia
The dangers of multi-mode travel or Nothing beats a Dutchman with a BMW
Transport at the movies
A new tube torture
In the news
In the news
The Conservatives have a transport policy
In the news
In the news
Railways, social goods and compulsory purchase
In the news
British Airways strike at Heathrow
What is this blog for?
In the news
Totally safe equals impossible to run
Wires in the sky
The uneducatedness of the steam engine pioneers
"In principle"
In the news
DUKWs again – this time for bringing in the fish
On railway deaths and road deaths
Negative externalities
The two big transport stories are two of the biggest stories today
A visit to London
More proof of the value of a face-to-face meeting - Alice meets Michael
Beyond Brilliance
A new pavement in Paris
In the news
European Union Announcement: Flight Compensation
Scottish air services
30-40 years of underinvestment
Road pricing on White Rose
Brian's plan for the railways of Britain
Line closures
In the news
Goodbye Connex
In the news
Branson the patriot
New Underground line opens in Singapore.
Will this train be stopping at Egham – or not?
News stories
The Bilbao metro system
Fares to rise after congestion charge success
How to ruin a good idea
Congestion pricing a monopolist's dream?
Mellor on the Congestion Charge
Network Rail is not a joint stock company, but something called a not for profit company. You can say that again.
The overnight descent from goodness to badness
Swiss Railways
Is congestion charging killing London?
If rail lines must close, so be it
Not so naked
Chancery Lane enquiry
Congestion Charging: A Survey
History of the West Coast Main Line
Anti-road rage device unveiled
The 150mph road - a follow up
"No evidence" of Potters Bar sabotage
Upgrade yourselves, Eurostar tells the scruffs
Transport postings on Samizdata
The Safety Executive is bad for your health
EU axe hovers over islands' lifeline
The price of vigilance
The joy of privatised airports
Corporate killing law 'will create climate of fear'
Ex-rail engineer stole two miles of track for scrap
Air Terror Saves Amtrak?
Having said there is no such thing as a monopoly...
What do you mean by a monopoly?
Flying to the south of France and back
Scottish rivalry
The 150mph road
Bad Service
Reform transport now
£2 to use first toll motorway
Virgin Concorde
More food for thought
Interesting urban design ideas from the USA
Road tax minister voted out
You'll like it … unless it's Lot
Low-cost update
Statistical Traffic Wreck
How car cloners are beating congestion charge
In defence of Jarvis
Scottish Airlines
Railways against racism
Railway subsidy
Russia strips 'untouchable' drivers of their sirens
London is going bust, and Livingstone is triumphant
German railways
"Integrated" Transport ?
The coach market
Channel Railway Tunnel "A Practical Possibility"
Channel rail link cost leaps to £9 billion
Transport adviser faces axe for taking ministers to task
Minister's Statement "Inaccurate and Mischievous"
Some thoughts on Airbus, aircraft safety, and on the retirement of Concorde
The Madness of Red Ken
So long, Concorde
Creeps and Weirdos
Brief Thoughts on the Paris Metro (especially the new line 14)
What's cruel about that?
Truth in advertising
Beyond Brilliance
Transport at the Sydney Olympics
It's time to put these grey freeloaders off the bus
Hard Cell by Iain Murray
Oil industry suppressed plans for 200-mpg car
CrozierRail Part II - Crime
It just gets worse
Japanese Private Railway Companies and Their Business Diversification by Takahiko Saito
Guards hide rather than sell tickets, says rail firm
Improvements in Tunneling technology
Twin engine planes and Euro/American politics.
All aboard: a nation in motion
Book Review - Separation Philosphy of the European Union - Blessing or Curse? by Carlo Pfund
Rail safety rules may be eased to save rural lines
I want private roads
Delays as drivers skirt congestion zone
Central Line crash: The truth
How can you lose money on London buses?
On privatising roads
Noise Abatement Kills
Rail freight link to take 10,000 lorries a day off roads
A Congestion Charge surprise
On the aesthetics and economics of car parks
The UK Transport System, Can it be Fixed?
The Search for the Holy Rail
On child seat laws
A few changes
New trains are no match for reliable 1960s 'workhorse'
Eurostar Copies Discount Airline Fare Structure.
Happy Blirgday to me!
Why (and When) are There Three Classes?
On the new Rolls-Royce Phantom (which exists) and on Rolls-Royce transport (which doesn't)
Japanese train driver falls asleep
Property Development and the Channel Tunnel Rail Link
Blair clocks up congestion zone fine
This on-the-spot 'justice' needs clamping
More on Trains in New South Wales
Trains in New South Wales
The London Junto
CrossRail - Enter the Capitalists Part II
The tunnels of Tokyo (and London)
Blogging has been light...
Driver 'on mobile' missed platform
It works
Tube delay – and chatting about it
The rules of the road
Congestion Charge Q&A
A world in a grain of sand
Tram project threatens to be PFI casualty
Clapham Junction – more queueing angst
On the niceness of some London walks and the boringness of other London walks
Speed Camera blown up
The next station was not Virginia Water
Where will Ken's Congestion Charging scheme take us
EU refund threatens air fares
SRA and road journey times
Ryanair buys Buzz
Let it snow
Confused? You will be
The property barons of the English Riviera
Christian Wolmar on PPP
Fragmentation - it's going to get worse
Of cars and carbines
Channel Tunnel Rail Link - coming soon
London traffic in decline
The crash - what the TV says
LBC after the crash
Swiss Railways
Richard Hope on railway safety
Dirty trams v. Clean buses
Vegetable Oil
Life as a mini-cab driver
Property taxes and infrastructure
A competitor for CrozierRail?
CrossRail - enter the capitalists
Ross Clark
An "utter revolution" in bridge technology (but what's a cable stayed bridge?)
Cars – controlled some of the time by a Giant Brain
SRA cuts trains
The world's first underground
Posting will be light...
Road v. Rail - which is the more efficient
Congestion Charge Chaos
Egham Station – on the changing nature over the years of platform announcements – one remarkable announcement – a happy Virgin customer – reflections on other businesses at railway stations
CrozierRail Part I - Tickets and Stations
In which my brother gives me a lift to Egham station – we converse about the future of the Conservative Party
Transport policy jack-knife - another shibboleth slams into the wreckage
Congestion charge scheme will make £28m for Capita
On risk
Strikes are down
Boiling frog syndrome
This is no way to run a railroad
Network Rail reduces role for contractors
Congestion charge get arounds
Buses and poverty
Train delays
Mobile manners in Japan
In which - having failed to get a taxi and having then found no assistance at a bus stop - I walk in the rain from Egham station to my mother's home
Why drive? The race is on
Railway policies
Travelling is fun
Car sales
Travellers evacuated as train is set on fire
Introducing SkyTran
Why we will never run out of oil.
Shinkansen UK
In which I proceed to Clapham Junction – some reflections upon the peculiar nature of that station – on to Egham
British Rail nationalisation
Sonic Cruiser cancelled
Drink driving
Ferdinand Mount
DVT victims lose fight with airlines
In which I purchase my tickets for my journey
Drink & Privatisation don't mix
New Writer
Maintenance costs
Utter futility
Free the fares
Channel Tunnel Rail Link
Roads and trains – Dimbleby last Sunday
Train subsidy to be cut by 20%
Chauffeur bikes
The rise of the scooter
Roads in funny places
Driverless cars
On not going there at all - a possible follow up
More Virgin misery
On not going there at all
A despatch from the planning front
Don't fly Air New Zealand
Trains vs Planes in the US
On the roads
No, London can't host the Olympics
London Traffic speeds
Why drive?
Steel wheels good, rubber wheels even better
Rail company axes first class seats
Indian Railways
Railtrack shareholders
Singapore Road Pricing - a picture
The father of the Tube speaks
How air miles work
Cheap flights are taking off
Parking at stations
On punctuality
Surfing at 30,000ft
More calls for road pricing
Mr Darling, what are you doing about the traffic?
Meanwhile in the land of the Rising Sun...
80 infrastructure failures every day
Delays, delays, delays
Wolmar in the Standard
Bottleneck that keeps new roads stuck in traffic
London traffic speeds
Bus Accident
Global Warming and Railways
Picture of the Month
BT faces £1m congestion bill
Gridlock UK
Why I am in favour of flexible fares
Rail deaths on the increase
Red Ken's London is about to grind to a halt
Virgin forced to replace new trains with old
Why London won't be getting a new airport
No to disabled rights
Regulator gives BAA hard landing
The Aussie who saved our flag
ABD nominates Traffic Director
Doubts over Brown's rail billions
Mobile phones on trains
Network Rail runs into fog over accounting status
Motorway travel times 30pc up on 1998
Motoring Taxes
The only thing the green belt is good for is tarmac
Tube workers suspend strikes
What is happening on London's roads?
The move
Right diagnosis - wrong treatment
Women-only carriages
Scottish Airports
A passenger - manager exchange
Buses, passengers and privatisation
Tolls in Sydney
Change of topic
Metra update
Mussolini did not make the trains run on time
As promised, this is what
Blogging will be light over
A Malaysian Mystery
Huffing and puffing at the SRA
On getting yourself killed in Barcelona
The Glasgow Underground
DVT - an update
Penn Station
Deep Vein Thrombosis
On calling Talk Sport
Corrupt Statistics (cont.)
The latest from Japan
Sanity regained
More on Metra
Crozier speaks
And I thought transport was a good thing
The Structure of the UK railway
Adrian Shooter at the RAC
Why British rail privatisation failed
On Markets
My favourite journey
Alice in Blunderland
Fat flyers
Passenger compaints in Japan
Up in the mountains
Ιsprit d'escalier
Kiyoshi Michimura
Public transport is hell...
The Tokyo Subway
The Keio Electric Railway
You can click the photos...
Just to let you know...
The barriers at Tokyo station
Conservative safety fascists
Tim Hall writes
0830 Shinagawa Station
Virgin Trains
I'm back !
Unlicenced Minicabs
Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss...
Other news
A reliable railway?
Public transport is hell&8230;
Lord Montague slams "anti-motorists"
Holland isn't perfect - shock
On mobile communication
Association of British Drivers
England's new first airport
The Greatest Railway in the World
The New Labour Fear Factor
Tee hee hee
Billions of Blue Blistering Bendy Buses
Don't part 20/7834
Oh no, he doesn't
More on stations
What's wrong with stations?
Cuttings - Potters Bar Crash
Network Rail gears up
Cuttings - The Byers Affair
The railway's tragedy
Cuttings - Road
No, you can't have a seat
Have rail fares gone up...? - an update
No to public enquiries
It has nothing to do with privatisation
Natalie Solent quotes from the
Praise be to More Room
Cuttings - Air
Rail - General
Compulsory Purchase - oh no, not again
Higher fares are good for you - an update
Have rail fares gone up since privatisation?
Does congestion charging work?
Congestion charging - just do it!
What's new
How not to control pollution
Do you feel lucky?
What's new
In defence of low-cost airlines
Road pricing and job flexibility
What's New
Eurotunnel - an addendum
Misuses of the English Language #2: the Environment
On the environment
Compulsory Purchase - a justified grumble
The NATS crisis
Road tolling by satellite
Some Stelios quotes
The "No shareholders means more being spent" fallacy
Misuses of the English Language #1: Privatisation
Interesting Articles
Pollution Control - libertarian style
New Links
Told you so
High fares are good for you
Interesting Articles
Cuttings File
Will Self in the Standard
Will Self Takedown
Eurotunnel debt refinancing
Coming to a main road near you...
Airline Seats
Stelios on Radio 4
More on Amtrak (Part II)
The Evil of Subsidy
Congestion Charging: some real losers
Are buses and cars compatible?
Congestion Charging: Good for the rich and bad for the poor?
Potters Bar
Is your journey really necessary - a response
Potters Bar Report
"New" rail crash investigator, eh?
Stuff from the Ludwig von Mises Institute and elsewhere
Walter Block on road pricing
UK Transport Extra
Lycra louts
Is your journey really necessary?
Government vetoes pay offer
Interesting Publications
Why Rail Privatisation has failed
A Libertarian Transport Manifesto
A brief history of UK railways
The public control fallacy
Not satisfied with buggering up the railway...
More on Amtrak
Reply to Wolmar - or why subsidy is bad news
Network Rail
Rules, rules and less rules
A curate's egg
Transports of Delight - we have an answer
Signs of improvement
Somes thoughts on the Comet disaster
Of smoke and mirrors
Here's a question...
The Index
Long distance trains don't make sense
Back to the Anthem (with apologies to Brian)
Unsatisfied Customer
Tom Burroughes uncovers the solution
Brazil 1 England 0
The National Anthem - the second verse
Big Bother. Guess what, the
In the news
The car share to nowhere
Good article by Adriana Cronin
Service Disruption
The Taff Vale Judgement
Now here's a challenge...
L'affaire Sixsmith
June news stories
It's all the EU's fault (again)
One of this morning's reports
Some observations on Byers's End
On helmets for cyclists
Byers resigns!
Utilities fight hole-in-road charges
Road tolls seen as tax on business
Competition Time
More on the rules of the private road
That Transport Plan
Our nuthead safety fascists...
Pile-up on the ranting super-highway
Is it the EU's fault?
More (potential) double standards
More safety nonsense
The Royal Train - a follow up
A Dublin metro will only work if the suburbs it serves are replaced by apartments
The Octopus Card
UK railways reclassified as "weapons of mass destruction"
Bad railways? Blame it on the 1950s
More thoughts on vertical integration
RAC backs road pricing
Air Traffic Control
The IoD gets it right - and wrong
The dynamics of the relationship between the state and free enterprise
Rail smash has buried bad news
Nationalisation is NOT the Answer
Fresh bid to remove crash
Rail Crash Update
Bullshit Alert
Three dead' in train crash.
Wolmar Replies
High Fares are Good for you - ultimately
L'Affaire Byers
What a Day
Dutch Railways and the Nature of Private Enterprise
Compulsory Purchase - an update
Airport Landing Rights
Should we fear the EasyJet/Go Merger?
The Royal Train
Can You Build A Railway (Or Road) Without Compulsory Purchase?
Poor Old Anglia
The Plane to Spain is faster than the Train
What the Victorians did for us
May News Stories
Some More On Vertical Integration
The Central Railway
Safety is Dangerous
Graffiti and Vandalism
Accentuate the Negative, Disregard the Positive
Transport Iberia
Flights to London to double
Read This
Take me to the supply side, Comrade Ken
Miscellaneous Index
Apologies Connex
April News Stories
£3bn is a Lot Of Money
Safety Costs Soar
Prior Planning and Preparation Produces Piss-Poor Performance
Rush-hour chaos as Circle line
Tom Burroughes lets the London
British Airways Goes Budget
But Passenger Numbers Have Gone Up!
Congestion Charging Index
Railway Index
A Question of Safety
Japanese Railway Conference
On Being Stunned By The Central Japan Railway Company Data Book 2001
Oh, to be proved wrong
Syonara For Now
British Rail Privatisation: What Went Wrong?
Abolish the Ministry of Transport
In Support of Congestion Charging
Just How Bad is a Monopoly?
Bad News is Good News
The State Always Gets Screwed...
Book Review - Don Riley "Taken for a Ride"
How much Money is Railtrack Getting from the Government?
Ken's Cunning Car Plan
Rail Delays
Book Review - Christian Wolmar "Broken Rails: How Privatisation Wrecked Britain's Railways"
More Guardian Lunacy
It's not all Doom and Gloom
A Dubious Claim
Train Driver Shortage
A Short Note On The Structure Of The UK Railway
The Japanese System
Corporate Manslaughter - An Addendum
On Corporate Manslaughter
Nothing new or original...
For Heaven's Sake
Fare Hike Threatened
The Crisis at Connex
Mr Blair's Black Day
Congestion Charging

November 23, 2004

'Captain commuter' wins Sydney a free day on the trains
PCCC | Comments (0)

Darling's saver ticket for slow-train Britain - he's going to do everything but close them
PCCC | Comments (0)
November 21, 2004

Tollroads Jamaican style - worth it if only for the pic of the toll plaza
PCCC | Comments (0)
November 20, 2004

Postive externalities come to DC - sort of
PCCC | Comments (0)

Railways safer than ever - says Christian Wolmar
PCCC | Comments (0)

Is graffiti art? - LFTTR think the question misses the point. FWIW I think many artists clearly have a lot of talent and it's a shame they don't have an appropriate, nay, legal outlet.
PCCC | Comments (0)

Book review - Subterranean Railway by Christian Wolmar
PCCC | Comments (0)

One airline, 4 crashes, 8 dead: the real price of sugar snap peas in November
PCCC | Comments (0)
November 17, 2004

British Transport Films Collection DVD Volume One - Surely a must for any transport afficionado. It will be released just in time for Christmas.
MH | Comments (0)
November 15, 2004

Crossrail website
MH | Comments (0)
November 11, 2004

Brake fault forces Virgin to cut speed on flagship tilting trains - you know, just for once it sounds as if the HSE could be right
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November 08, 2004

TV Alert "When trains crash", 1930 Channel 5 tonight. Talk about timing
PCCC | Comments (1)
November 07, 2004

Ufton Nervet crash - 6 now confirmed dead
PCCC | Comments (4)
November 06, 2004

One person dead as train derails
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November 04, 2004

FirstGroup wants to add the tracks to its trains - that's brave
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November 02, 2004

Car charge to rise to £6
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October 30, 2004

Psst wanna buy a railway station?
MH | Comments (0)
October 26, 2004

'Kart Vader' - He tears around Quebec City at 100mph. In a go kart. At night. Wearing black. And he films it. Spotted by Jay Jardine.
MH | Comments (0)
October 24, 2004

The downside of auto-mobile bans - drivers text instead
PCCC | Comments (0)

Councils ban shrines to road crash victims - a story that neatly combines both transport and the issue of the day: mawkish sentimentality
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October 20, 2004

The air hostess, the long hair and the sun roof - one of the more imaginative ways of staying awake at the wheel.
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Wheelchair-using MP travelled in 'cattle truck' - so, that's just the same as the rest of us then
PCCC | Comments (1)

23 escape from burning train
PCCC | Comments (3)

Wikipedia accuracy under fire - so, it's back on with the Glossary?
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October 19, 2004

Rail chief quits after four months - walking away from £130,000. Golly
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October 14, 2004

New comment on old posting - Tim Hall explains the story of the Highland Railway, its new locos and its soon-to-be-ex-Chief Mechanical engineer
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Out now: DVD version of leaves on the line
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October 13, 2004

New link - Transport Watch UK. Lots of facts, lot of comparisons. Doesn't look good for rail
PCCC | Comments (4)
October 11, 2004

Take the car and save the planet - walking kills, apparently
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Hybrids better than the real thing - golly
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Don't invest in mega-projects - says Peter Gordon
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October 05, 2004

Prescott backs plan to reopen branch rail lines - well, he says he does
PCCC | Comments (1)
October 04, 2004

New Glossary Entry - the Advanced Passenger Train
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October 03, 2004

People are building their own speed cameras - One fellow is even selling fully functioning ones
MH | Comments (0)

Pendolinos and Voyagers may prove to be one of privatisation's disasters - says Christian Wolmar
PCCC | Comments (11)

Omedetō gozaimasu! - Tech Central Station on the 40th anniversary of the Shinkansen
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October 02, 2004

Compulsory purchase to go - in US? Johnathan Pearce has some musings
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October 01, 2004

Indian railway runs out of wheels - because it refuses to import
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All for sprawl - Tyler Cowen links to a couple of articles including one from the NY Times magazine which is attracting a lot of attention
PCCC | Comments (1)

Underground maps as art - according to Brian
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September 30, 2004

Recent comment - Uncle Roger on the difficulty in working out accurate subsidy figures
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Europe by train - Tim Hall on Stephen Karlson's adventures
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Carpool lanes = communist gulags - Tim Hall is beginning to get it, possibly
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September 29, 2004

P&O axes 1,200 jobs as ferry travel sails into past
PCCC | Comments (1)
September 27, 2004

Hurtling towards a £7.6bn bill at full tilt - Alistair Osborne on the WCRM fiasco. Actually, I thought £7.6bn was on the low side
PCCC | Comments (2)
September 26, 2004

A double-decked shame - RJ3 laments the passing of the Routemaster. It's those EU bastards, I tell you
PCCC | Comments (0)

Tilting trains are rubbish - according to Ross Clark. Now he tells us
PCCC | Comments (2)

Delays plummet by 28% - says Network Rail
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September 25, 2004

New glossary item - the Health and Safety Executive - in which I demonstrate my almost complete ignorance of this institution
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Scant improvement in train times - according to latest figures
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September 22, 2004

EU plan will hit safe women drivers - and it's all in the name of sex equality
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Unions gang up to demand railway renationalisation - they mean it isn't already?
PCCC | Comments (1)
September 21, 2004

Top car makers support road-jam charging - Ford, GM, Honda, Daimler
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Journey times cut as 125mph tilting train sets record - after £8bn and the odd bankruptcy tilting trains that actually tilt are finally here
PCCC | Comments (0)
September 18, 2004

ABD calls for environmental audit of public transport - all those particulates
PCCC | Comments (2)

Camera Partnerships must come clean on real causes of accidents - says ABD
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September 16, 2004

The Green Quadratic - ASI paper on planning from 1988. Now available on-line
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September 14, 2004

Up with conductors - they're really good, you know
PCCC | Comments (1)

Speeding Britons fined in car race to Spain - "Among the cars were Ferraris, Porsches and Rolls-Royces."
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MPs to lose free airport parking - oh, how my heart bleeds
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The case against driving licences - Paul Clark in Lew Rockwell
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September 10, 2004

Drivers trade privacy for insurance discounts
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September 08, 2004

Free mints infuriate delayed commuters - some even threw them away, ingrates
PCCC | Comments (1)

Privatize the roads! Liberate the streets! All we have to lose are our parking tickets! - Anthony Gregory in Lew Rockwell
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M6 Toll hits 10m journey mark - er, about a month ago
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September 07, 2004

California high-speed rail plan - all sorts of claims being made but Peter Gordon doesn't like the precedents
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September 06, 2004

Swedish farmer fined 1,211 kronor for illegally parking a snowmobile in Warwick - Krister Nylander lives 205 north of Stockholm and has never been to Warwick. "They can wait till Hell freezes over and I can get to Britain on my snowmobile to pay the fine.”
MH | Comments (0)
September 05, 2004

"Obsession is not too strong a word to describe how railway enthusiasts feel about railways" - Matthew Parris goes to Peru and meets some trainspotters
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September 03, 2004

Hidden costs do not justify the level of tax on petrol in Britain - says Graham Seargeant
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Shovelling cash - utilities to pay for digging up roads
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Alistair Morton, builder of the Channel Tunnel, is dead
PCCC | Comments (0)

Government 'willed' Railtrack to fail - says Corbett
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Cyclists saddled with seafront speed trap - in Bournemouth
PCCC | Comments (1)

Historic Amsterdam tram photos Aaaah. Where's amg going to pitch up next?
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Why so little US electrification? - Tim Hall ponders the answer
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September 02, 2004

London Underground Map - as it really is.
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Electric v steam - in 1923. But who won
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Freight or passenger in the US? - they're in conflict. Stephen Karlson considers the options
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September 01, 2004

Fares and charge up in London - says Livingstone
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'Fair fines' planned for speeding drivers
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Railtrack is cleared over Hatfield crash
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August 31, 2004

Thousands 'ready to quit Aslef' - where would we be without brotherly love
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August 30, 2004

Rural watchdog attacks road sign blight - See it's not just me who can't abide the avalanche of street furniture.
MH | Comments (0)

What the traffic will bear - Bob Poole discusses the merits of tolling
PCCC | Comments (0)

Prague trams - photos. Aaah
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August 24, 2004

What if you can't drive? - Catallarchy's Sean Lynch considers the options
PCCC | Comments (0)

97% of accidents within speed limit - according to the ABD
PCCC | Comments (1)
August 22, 2004

Prosecute motorway lane hogs - says RAC
PCCC | Comments (3)
August 20, 2004

Radio tags for congestion charge?
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World's longest road opens - in Russia
PCCC | Comments (0)

Sprawl is cheap - says Iain Murray
PCCC | Comments (1)
August 19, 2004

Strike threat to BA and Eurostar
PCCC | Comments (0)

Toll roads are safer - at least according to my reading of this Marginal Revolution post
PCCC | Comments (0)

Peking metro to hit 1000km mark - I'm not sure even London's is that long
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August 15, 2004

Squander Two calmly talks about speed cameras
MH | Comments (1)

Parking anarchy in St Albans - Police withdraw traffic wardens, Herts council won't have any until October, it's bedlam!
MH | Comments (0)

The future of transport - as seen from the past
PCCC | Comments (0)

Trains less efficient than cars - yes, I know, it's old news
PCCC | Comments (0)

Ferry solution, please - Eamonn Butler wonders how you could introduce competition to a subsidised ferry service in the Western Isles
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August 14, 2004

Drink less, speed less, save on insurance - Marginal Revolution has the story
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