03 January 2011
Outrage as trackside teas rise by 6%
Patrick Crozier

The annual rise in train station tea and coffee prices will see an inflation-busting average hike of 6.2% while some prices, particularly for popular lattes and double espressos will rise by a whopping 10%.

A spokesman for train station cafe-operator, National Espresso said that the price rises, which are regulated on an inflation plus 1% basis, were needed to pay for the new high-speed coffee machines.

But these remarks were condemned by the drinker watchdog, Frappucino Focus.  In a statement they said: “This will simply drive more people out of stations and into roadside cafes.”

Meanwhile the junior beverage minister explained that government cut backs meant that more revenue had to come from consumers.  “While we regret these rises, caffeine-addicts must understand that we are all in this together in these straitened times.”

It wasn’t difficult to find outrage among consumers. “This is outrageous.” said one.  “I am outraged.” said another.  A commuter said: “They have the cheek to put up their prices like this and we still can’t find a seat.”

Patrick Crozier of TeapotBlog said: “This was never a problem before the government got involved with its subsidies, regulations and fare controls.  The choice and quality of teas and coffees available to commuters were second to none and no one had a problem getting a seat.  Thank goodness we don’t have any of this nonsense anywhere else on the railways.”


  1. Very funny. I think it’s worth the extra 6% for the branding and marketing at Puccinos.

    Posted by Rob Fisher on  05 January 2011 at 07:56 pm

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