18 November 2010
The end of the M4 bus lane
Brian Micklethwait

The new British Coalition Government is scrapping the M4 bus lane from London to Heathrow:

“Scrapping the M4 bus lane is symbolic of this Government’s decision to end the war on the motorist,” the Transport Secretary, Philip Hammond, said yesterday. “It ends the injustice suffered by thousands of drivers who sit in traffic next to an empty lane day in, day out.”

But not everyone is pleased to see the bus lane disappear. Taxi drivers now face being stuck in the same queues as other motorists, ...

In a total transport free market, there would be no “wars” against this or that form of transport, merely rational economic calculation.  If taxis paid enough for their own lane, they’d get it.  If buses assembled enough poor people to outbid richer own-car-users, ditto.

Meanwhile, all there is is politics.


  1. The M4 bus lane may not be as bad as it seems. Its real purpose is apparently to move the point at which traffic merges before the two lane viaduct. I doubt the viaduct will be widened. So this is probably just posturing.

    Also, I like the bus lane because I can use it on my motorbike. smile

    Posted by Rob Fisher on  18 November 2010 at 06:20 pm

  2. As a operator of vehicles with more than 10 passenger seats, we used to use this bus lane frequently at peak times, to ensure that our service for our customers ran on time. It’s a real bottle neck there, real shame that it’s gone.

    Posted by John on  23 April 2011 at 03:56 am

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