07 May 2009
My A380 flight
Rob Fisher

A few weeks ago I flew on Emirates EK002 from Heathrow to Dubai.  I specifically chose that flight to try out the A380.  From the front it looks a bit ugly.

Front of A380

Once inside, the first thing I noticed was the stairs.  They look like the entrance to a London night club.  Commoners like me were not allowed up the stairs.

A380 stairs

The seats were pretty spacious for economy class.  I am six feet tall and did not feel at all cramped.  I don’t think it was much different from 747s I’ve flown on, though.  The interior didn’t look much different either, although Emirates put tiny lights on the ceiling to look like stars, which was quite pretty when the main cabin lights were dimmed.  One odd thing is the entrance to the cockpit, which rather than being on the top deck like a 747, is on the lower deck but up a few steps.  There are two sets of steps: the left set leads to the cockpit and the right set leads to toilets.

The in flight entertainment system was the best I’ve used.  The screen is nice and big, there were lots of movies, every number one single ever and some slightly better than usual but not great games.  You can plug in a USB stick and view your photos.  I managed to send an email to Michael Jennings, but didn’t get his reply even though the system told me I would.

In-flight email

Best of all were the three external cameras.  The front one was best and offered a good view of the approaching runway while landing, the downward facing one was mostly useless except shortly after takeoff when the front one only showed sky, but the most spectacular was the tail camera, even though image quality seemed slightly worse on this one.  Unusually, the system was switched on from the gate until landing, so you get to keep an eye on everything.

Tail camera

If you’re not interested in planes and you’re flying economy, you won’t notice much difference.  But if you like planes or you get to try business class or better, you’ll have a lot of fun on the A380.


  1. A fair bit of that had less to do with the A380 and more to do with the way Emirates had had it fitted out. The larger seats and fancy entertainment system are much the same as you will see on a new 777 fitted out by an airline with similar standards. (The 747 is still in production but production has dropped to a trickle, so most 747s are not new). And I have seen shots from external cameras on other types. I agree that this is cool, however.

    Production of the A380 has dropped to a trickle also, of course. I have always been of the opinion that Airbus have built a colossal white elephant. I am still looking forward to flying on one, however.

    Posted by Michael Jennings on  11 May 2009 at 12:53 am

  2. Such an awesome plane, Yet to fly in one ! My favourite part of emirates is the camera they have fitted to the nose and underbelly that you can watch takeoff and landing from your personal video screen !

    Posted by Simon on  30 November 2009 at 03:11 pm

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