29 September 2008
Come fly with me
Rob Fisher

In the first episode of his documentary Big Ideas, James May from Top Gear is in search of a personal flying car.  It’s rather less dumbed down than programmes like this tend to be.  James didn’t shy away from discussing gyroscopic precession in helicopters, for example.  And there are some inventions I hadn’t heard of before, like a nifty helicopter from Japan.  Of course, he covered the Moller Sky Car, too.  Now he’s discussing automated control systems which would make getting ordinary people into the sky feasibly safe.  He’s in a car that’s driving itself so well that it can cope with American 4-way stops.

James finished up with a rant about the reasons he thinks these products aren’t viable already: health and safety and bureaucracy.

The show is repeated next Thursday.  The graphic below should be relevant to your current location and time.

James May's Big Ideas - Come Fly with Me (Season 1 Episode 1) at LocateTV.com

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