15 July 2008
Swindon council wants to stop funding speed cameras
Rob Fisher

Some Swindon councillors want to stop funding speed cameras.  Conservative councillor Peter Greenhalgh thinks they’re just to raise revenue.  This revenue goes to the treasury.  The council contributes £400,000 per year to pay for the cameras.  Greenhalgh thinks that’s not the best way to spend the road safety budget.

The Labour MP for Swindon says that all this is “playing politics with lives”, after all, the Swindon Safety Camera Partnership’s statistics show that accidents at camera sites is falling.  Not everyone agrees.  The obvious question is, what about accident rates at non-camera sites?  Even if cameras do improve safety, there is a certain level of risk people find acceptable.  We could reduce road deaths to zero quite easily but it would be too inconvenient.

It will be interesting to see if this move succeeds and more councils follow suit.  Either way, it is certainly annoying anti-car types.

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