24 April 2008
I still don’t think that BAA should be broken up
Patrick Crozier

Earlier this week I heard (or did I read, or both?) that some commission or other (the Monopolies commission, perhaps?) had written a report saying that Britain’s biggest airport operator, BAA which owns Heathrow, Gatwick and Stanstead should be broken up.  It’s stifling competition or something, apparently.

This has met with almost universal approval1.  But, I don’t care, I’m still against it2.


1.  See Situation Normal, All F**ked Up by Johnathan Pearce on Samizdata.
2.  See:

Should BAA be broken up? in which I argue that, no, it shouldn’t.
The ASI was wrong in which I argue that monopolies aren’t a problem so long as you have free markets.
Against competition regulation.  This is an InstaPatrick article and is woefully short but it makes many of the same points.
What do you mean by a monopoly?  in which I argue that everything has some competition.

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