26 February 2008
Podcast: Open skies over the Atlantic
Patrick Crozier

Uh oh!

I’d managed to press stop.  It was an accident but that was it.  Ten minutes of quality podcasting consigned to oblivion.  I suppose I should look on the bright side.  We had at least got half an hour recorded.  And I had got a long way down the podcasting road before my first stick-on disaster.  Worse has happened to better people.  And at least when last week Michael and I sat down to see if we could pick up where my clumsy fingers had left us off we only had 10 minutes to do (although in the end we happily chatted away for 20).

Anyway, here in its authentic truncated form is Open Skies Part I in which - in the guise of a discussion about open skies policies - Michael Jennings and I manage to talk about the importance of Heathrow, the dire financial status of American airlines and the weird world of landing slots.

Here’s the trailer.

Open Skies Part II to follow Real Soon Now, as Brian might say.


  1. Just listened to it.  Excellent.  I learned a lot.  This will definitely be the basis of my next CNE Competition posting.  So, I’m hoping Real Soon Now means before next Sunday.

    I loved the bit where it went: Patrick: “Can you trade your slots?”  Michael: “Er .... kind of.  Not legally.  Well, sort of.”  Classic.

    Posted by Brian Micklethwait on  26 February 2008 at 05:35 pm

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