19 September 2007
When free enterprise built infrastructure
Patrick Crozier

I spotted this in a BBC piece on the Brunels’ Thames Tunnel:

“Victorian brickwork - particularly the early brickwork - was of a tremendous standard,”

And while inspecting a viaduct:

What they found was that of five levels of brickwork only the first, which had been exposed to the elements, had deteriorated to any extent.

So, what we have here is long-term thinking.  By private enterprise.


  1. Also overengineering due to the fact that they were breaking new ground completely. The Thames Tunnel was the first tunnel ever built under a significant waterway. It has always been a little bit of a white elephant with resepect to London’s transport system, however. What I really like is that after the East London extension is finished this is finally going to no longer be true, as the East London line will then be very busy.

    Posted by Michael Jennings on  21 September 2007 at 05:12 pm

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