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May 25, 2003

Blogging: the race is on

Two bits of news today (or at least news to me today) suggest that there's going to be a hell of a battle between rival blog management systems.

First up is Movable Type who are introducing a new system called TypePad. This will be a sort of Movable Type Lite with the additional features of a template design facility and inclusive hosting. The idea is to appeal to the casual ie not very technical blogger and bearing in mind that the lack of templates and fact you have to find your own host are the very things that put people off switching to Movable Type it would appear that they could be on to something.

Meanwhile, not to be outdone, Blogger is hitting back with Dano, the Blogger that works ie a Blogger where the archives don't do a runner every five minutes. I assume that they will lick their archives problem which should prevent a haemorraging of customers but that still leaves the problem of lack of flexibility which the introduction of no more than about five new tags will do little to alleviate.

So, to sum up, MT are going to compete on Blogger's ground of being easy to use and Blogger are going to compete on MT's ground of actually working. Things are about to get very interesting in the Blogosphere.


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I suppose that to many Samizdata readers the quotes below will be old news. But it was newsworthy news to Patrick Crozier when he wrote it, and it was news to me when I read it about two days ago. I realise that two days in blog time is a lifetime, but...
Samizdata.net on May 28, 2003


Looks like it could be good. But Blogger is free, at first, to start easy. Yeah, I know it don't work so good.

I've heard that BloggedUp is free and allows MT (or greymatter? and something else, but not radio userland). But I still don't quite know the next step for actually doing it -- spending too much time reading and writing comments.

Ever think of a quick guide to what YOU do? (I might be a competitor in Slovakia...)

Posted by Tom Grey on May 28, 2003