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July 02, 2002

The Message is getting out there

In the future people will ask what people did before Brian's Education Blog but seeing as we are indeed living in the time before Brian's Education Blog this is what we were doing: noting that some of the top commentators have noticed that state education isn't very good. This is A N Wilson in the Standard:

In 1870, before "state" education was pioneered by the Victorians, literacy in Britain stood at 92 per cent. Most people picked up some schooling somewhere, even in workhouses. After more than a century of "state" education, it is doubtful whether literacy is anything like so high. Three hundred and fifty trainee teachers have just failed a simple English and maths test, but they have been told by Education Secretary Estelle Morris that they are still needed to instruct our children.
The message is getting out there. I would quote more but the article is only two paras long.